Top 4 Best Vlogging Canon Camera With Flip Screen

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1. Vlogging Camera Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Much smaller and lighter than a DSLR camera, even without a built-in lens, this Powershot is one of Canon’s top-of-the-line compact cameras. Its small practical size does not prevent it from being equipped with a 24-100 mm lens opening at f / 1.8-2.8 with a good focal length, coupled with a 1 “sensor, a respectable size for a compact.
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

In addition to delivering excellent shots, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is quite up to your video blogs. Although not fully articulated, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II’s rear touch screen can flip around for easy framing when you’re facing the camera filming. 5-axis stabilization is particularly useful for counteracting involuntary movements when shooting video without a tripod, this stabilization is effective even when making freehand panoramas. An automatic level completes this beautiful array of options and allows you to obtain horizons always perfectly straight.

The power is in your hands
Type:                           Compact
Sensor:                       1 “
Definition:                    20.1MP
Focal length:               24-100mm
Viewfinder:                  None
Screen:                        7.5 cm, tilting, touch
Connectivity:                Wi-Fi, NFC
Max video resolution:   1080 60p
Size, weight:                106 x 61 x 42mm, 319g
Best price:                   From 564,89 € on Amazon
User Reviews:
Most :
Adjustable touch screen
Effective stabilization
The lessers :
No viewfinder
No videos in 4K

2. Canon EOS 6D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

The EOS 6D Mark II is currently the only full format SLR for mid-level users. Unlike professional cameras such as the EOS-1D and 5D series, this camera still has a number of Scenes modes as well as Canon’s Creative Auto mode, suitable for beginners.
But why want to buy a full-frame SLR? One of the main advantages is the possibility of obtaining a shallower depth of field, which is often preferable for portrait photography and still subjects. The quality of the image also tends to be better and the digital noise more content at high ISO, so it is interesting to shoot in low light. Compared to the original 6D, the Mk II has more megapixels, a much improved autofocus system for conventional photos, but also for Live View tracking and video recording, fast burst speed and articulated touch screen.
With these features, it’s a shame that the video is limited to Full HD, rather than the 4K. But the grip and performance are simply excellent. One flaw, however, is that you can not mount the APS-C optics on a full-frame, keep this information in mind if you plan to go upmarket but you already have this type of optics. Otherwise, it is one of the best Canon SLRs currently available.

Canon’s newest and best full-frame SLR for mid-level users
Type:                                         Reflex
Sensor:                                     Full size
Definition:                                 26.2MP
Frame format:                          Canon EF
Screen:                                    7.7 cm, touch, adjustable, 1 040 000 points
Viewfinder:                               Pentaprism
Burst speed:                             6.5 fps
Max video resolution:               Full HD (1080p)
User level:                                Intermediate
Best price:                                From 1,376.78 € on Amazon
User Reviews:
Most :
Full size sensor
Totally articulated touch screen
The lessers :
Relatively expensive
You can not mount the EF-S optics

3 . Vlogging Camera Canon EOS 80D

At the top of Canon’s midrange range, the EOS 80D is beautifully versatile. It is much more complete than its fast cousin the 7D Mk II, has a better defined sensor of 24.2MP and a slower burst amounting to 7 frames per second.
Both cameras are equipped with Canon’s Dual Pixel AF autofocus, which is excellent for Live View tracking and video capture. The 80D, on the other hand, has an articulated touch screen that facilitates the selection of the autofocus area, making it faster and more intuitive.Canon EOS 80D
In fact, it’s the entire menu that benefits from the new touch interface. For conventional still photography, the 45-point autofocus system works even better than the full-frame 6D Mk II SLR, with the dots covering more frame surface. At the level of the grip, a secondary LCD display is present on the shoulder of the case, option not included Canon SLR for beginners. Advanced customization is also possible in the shooting settings. This camera APS-C is able to photograph just about anything, it is the best SLR for intermediate users from Canon.

Accomplished, versatile and with a sophisticated grip
Type:                                               Reflex
Sensor:                                           APS-C
Definition:                                       24.2MP
Mount Format:                                Canon EF-S
Screen:                                           7.7 cm, tactile, rotatable 1,040,000 points
Viewfinder:                                      Pentaprism
Burst speed:                                    7 fps
Max video resolution:                      1080p
User level:                                       Intermediate
Best price:                                       902,57 € on Amazon
User Reviews:
Most :
Features and high-end handling
Totally articulated touch screen
The lessers :
Not as robust as the 7D Mk II
No Bluetooth but Wi-Fi and NFC

4. Vlogging Camera Canon EOS 2000D

The Canon EOS 2000D is a DSLR totally designed for beginners, but still stands a step above the even more basic 4000D, listed below. Its improvements include a 24.1MP sensor instead of an 18MP and a larger LCD screen, 7.5 cm, a resolution four times higher, providing a much more detailed image. A dioptric corrector is available on the viewfinder and the lens supplied as a kit is stabilized.
But still, it’s still an old version of Canon’s 18-55mm zoom, with its noisy electric focus engine, compared to the virtually silent STM engine (stepping motor or stepper motor) present on the editions most recent. The commonalities between these two cameras are the nine-point autofocus, the burst at 3 frames per second and the same number of shooting modes and scene modes. Both SLRs have built-in Wi-Fi, but the 2000D is also equipped with NFC. To conclude, it is a classic device for beginners, better than the 4000D and well worth the extra expense.

 Canon EOS 2000D
Simple, effective and affordable
Type:                                          Reflex
Sensor:                                      APS-C
Definition:                                  24.1MP
Mount Format:                           Canon EF-S
Screen:                                      7.5 cm, fixed 920000 points
Viewfinder:                                 Pentamiroir
Burst speed:                               3 fps
Max video resolution:                 1080p
User level:                                  Beginner
Best price:                                  From 280,00 € on Amazon
User Reviews:
Most :
Screen larger and better than the 4000D
24.1MP sensor
The lessers :
Kit objective a bit dated
Burst of only 3 frames per second

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