? Top 7 The Best 4K Video Camera 2020

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The cameras are one of the instruments that have achieved the highest degree of reception in modern times. Taking a picture of a moment you like, for personal, artistic or professional reasons has become an extremely frequent task. Can you imagine that there is a small camera that offers the same, but with quality of 4 thousand pixels?

For this reason, the 4k professional video camera has been launched. This sensational invention consists of a semi-professional or professional team for personal use. It consists of a team with sizes no larger than 16 cm and a 3-inch screen. 

To make your user experience easier, a touch screen system has also been included, where you can configure everything you want, from image quality, timer, reduce or maximize image quality, save photos, among others .

You will not have to be a professional to have full control of these interesting artifacts. On the contrary, they are conditioned so that anyone can manipulate them. They behave just like any camera you already knew, but with the power of a movie image.

4k video camera will take sensational photos, but it’s not all it does. His videos are amazing. You will record for a long time as you were filming for a movie, with a prominent image quality.

Among the following 4k video camera models there are different models and brands. You will find from the style of the Sony 4k video camera and many others. Each with a special feature. They cost less than a professional camera, with a quality like no other. Read the following reviews to have a more extensive view of this subject.

The 7 Best 4K Video Camera 2020

1. Victure AC800 – A device for adventure tourism in 2020

Victure AC800


  • Last generation chip
  • Double action charger
  • 15 multi-surface adjustable accessories
  • 4K high resolution camera


  • Does not include micro SD card
  • Does not support micro SD larger than 64GB

Victure AC800 is a  4K  full HD video camera with a nt966660 latest generation chip that optimizes the resolution of images at 20 mp. Its 2-inch LCD screen delivers a good size to manage device functions. It incorporates the gyroscope mode to clearly capture fast-moving scenes.

On the other hand, the continuous shooting mode makes it possible to take sequential images after pressing the “ok” button several times.  With Timelapse mode, activate a setting that records the moments in a time of 60 seconds. Using the interval timer shooting mode the user can have a timer that will give him 2, 5 or 10 seconds to accommodate the camera in a convenient position.  

You will also find the loop recording, an addition created with the purpose of storing a small moment that plays constantly generating a fun effect. In case the person wishes to make self-portraits, the self-timer mode can be used to achieve a more neat finish.

It comes with a lot of accessories, and especially a housing to protect it from bumps and water. It has many options on the menu, is intuitive, and includes Spanish, makes very good photos and the video quality 1080 60 fps is amazing.

Compared to other cameras I have tried for this price range there is no color. The battery lasts about 3 hours and two come to you, and they recharge at the same time, quite quickly the truth. Summary quality / price is excellent.

It has water resistance at a depth of 40 meters. Dive mode is a feature that completes this particularity by delivering high quality photos and videos. In addition, night mode can be activated to obtain images without much lighting.

All its functions are combined with  an adaptable angular lens up to 170 degrees. Extreme shots can be obtained using its 15 adaptable accessories to any surface. It includes an external charger capable of recharging two 1050mAh batteries simultaneously. You can connect to the Smartphone or TV via Wifi and HDMI. 

2. Apeman A80 – The high resolution camera that enlarges the scene in 2020

Apeman A80


  • Wide angle lens amplifier
  • Technology: image stabilization
  • 24 accessories included
  • Effective application Ok cam


  • Does not incorporate micro SD card
  • Supports only 64GB micro SD class 10

This camera integrates an attractive aspect in its composition which is the wide-angle lens and variable focal length. It is a technology based on 6g crystals with Sony sensor, which means that it can cover a greater amount of space per shot. In addition, the 4k Apeman professional video camera enhances this feature by incorporating four angles (170, 140, 110, 70) to achieve different perspectives.

The resolution that prints to the videos offers a high definition 4k quality with a recording time of 1080p. This facilitates its use in outdoor environments as well as in its water mode function. The product includes a waterproof housing to immerse it in water at a distance of up to 40 meters deep. 

I had been looking for a sports camera for some time, I finally decided on this one and I don’t regret it. This camera is very complete, it brings a lot of accessories for example to put a tripod monkey, cover to immerse it in the water, two batteries and a case for the camera. The image is good and lets you choose the quality of the photos to your liking and they look great. I have also used it underwater for both photos and videos and it works very well and there is no water that was what most worried me sincerely. This is very good value for money I think it is worth a purchase as well.

The image stabilization technology promotes neat results because it isolates the external movement of the focusing performed by the device. This aspect is useful in those circumstances in which the photographer feels some instability due to uncontrollable conditions subject to movement or to take photos in burst.

The timer can be set according to four times (100ms, 200ms, 500ms, 1sec) in order to capture moments in successive order. It incorporates the loop and self-timer mode of 2, 5 or 10 seconds. All of the actions described can be managed from its 2-inch LCD screen.

It has 24 accessories created to fix the camera to various places, all of them compatible with Go pro. It has an HDMI input, a USB cable and a pair of rechargeable 1050 mAh batteries in 3 hours. It is possible to synchronize it with the Smartphone via Wifi and edit the content using the Ok cam application . 

3. Crosstour 8500 – the latest sound technology for recordings in 2020

Crosstour 8500


  • External microphone with hook
  • Professional shooting technology
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Remote control with adjustable strap


  • Charger not included
  • Supports 32GB Micro SD card only

Can you imagine a 4k camcorder  that combines ultra HD image qualities with professional level sound sensitivity? This sports version of Crosstour has both features. The 25 mm microphone located on the outside absorbs the sounds clearly. Just connect the cable to the port and hook the microphone to the clothes.

The other component of this technological duo is a 4K resolution added to the 16 MP that manage to process crisp frames at all times. Its wide-angle lens adjustable up to 170 degrees allows you to make wider shots focusing in one direction.

Great sports camera. Light and easy to use thanks to the instructions in Spanish. Possibility of changing the language in the camera functions. Very good video stability in conditions of movement on unstable terrain and with stones. Option to choose the resolution of the videos as you need, the 4K being great for short videos in which you want to get the most out of the image. Possibility to modify changes of light, contrast, ISO, brightness, color, etc … to make better videos. The audio of the recordings is quite good. The photos come out with a bestial resolution since they reach 16 mpx, being able to lower them quality, if you prefer. 
To perfectly capture burst scenes add the “Electronic Image Stabilization”, EIS for its acronym in English. Such a feature makes videos develop smoothly, delivering 30 frames per second. This peculiarity will be useful for recording or taking photos while the photographer is in motion.

The “Professional Shot” ISO & WDR & AWB technology gives captured objects the true color tone. Therefore, the user should not worry that atmospheric conditions ruin the recorded material. The Dash Cam mode is a distinctive feature of the Crosstour 8500 that provides the convenience of filming while driving. Integrates loop recording mode, timer and time lapse.

This camera can be submerged 40 meters from the water bottom by placing its waterproof case . The settings can be managed from a remote control with built-in strap for use as a watch. It has an input for HDMI and Wi-Fi connection to share materials online. It works with two rechargeable lithium batteries.

4. CofunKool Ultra 4K – The domestic chamber that offers professional results in 2020

Linesse LN-V4A


  • Professional quality UHD 4K
  • Functional remote control at 7 meters
  • Rechargeable while using
  • It can be used as a webcam


  • SDHC card not included
  • Does not include accessories

When acquiring a camera for domestic use there is a fear that it will not be effective enough. However, the Linesse LN-V4A is an apparatus in which the best professional qualities are harmonized in a compact device. A sample of this is its quality of Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4k accompanied by a resolution of 30 MP with 16x digital zoom.

These specifications produce professional finish images on each shot. The cameraman can monitor the development of videos on the 3-inch HD touch screen. It integrates an external microphone that fits over the lens. It is made from a technology capable of capturing the closest sound, reducing background noise.

I got this camera last week and I am very satisfied with its performance. Zoom well. Like all I want are snapshots. Now I have put the camera to the test and I am very, very happy with how it is. A fantastic purchase for the price. A recommended purchase for all those who want to start as camcorder enthusiasts.

You can choose between 4 modes, which divide night vision, warm light, cold light and normal light. Similarly, infrared lights add a plus by allowing filming in the classic colors: black and white. It has a range of white balance with 5 different modes: automatic, daylight, Tungsten, fluorescent and cloudy. Its wide angle lens captures wider shots. It has a timer of up to 30 seconds and energy savings.

This model is one of the few on the market that can be used while charging without generating any damage. It can be used as a webcam to communicate through social networks. Live broadcasts can be executed via Wifi. Its functions are condensed in a remote control that can be used from 7 meters away.

It has a storage capacity of 128GB, but can be expanded with 128GB class 10 SDHC cards. Includes HDMI cable and a 1500 mAh lithium battery.

5. Aabeloy 534KM – The best in imaging technology with a sober style in 2020

Aabeloy 534KM


  • CMOS image sensor
  • IR-CUT light filter improves colors
  • LED light increases quality
  • XY stereo technology decreases noise


  • Does not include tripod
  • Does not include Micro SD card

The simple design of this camcorder should not fool buyers because it is a device with high quality Ultra HD 4K image with a resolution of 48.0mp. In addition, the 4k video camera integrates a CMOS sensor, whose purpose is to generate a wide spectrum of functions to achieve greater prolixity in the shot. The result is an image of cleaner, detailed and crisp lines.

The 3-inch touch screen can rotate up to 270 degrees for user comfort. It has a 16x digital zoom that allows quick zooms. The IR-CUT light filter is a technology that is activated in order to optimize the tone of the colors involved. Without this addition the greens lack naturalness.

It has a night vision mode for dimly lit environments. If an increase in sharpness is required it is possible to switch to Ultra HD mode. It also turns off automatically in case the device remains idle for a while. The beauty function corrects imperfections and detects faces.  

Good quality for people who start in the world of photography. It is a good camera to start handling devices of this type, I really liked your experience. Exploring it, you see that it has many automatic functions, especially for those of us who are more new to the field. Light and comfortable to wear.
It incorporates anti shaking so that the camera movement does not affect the quality of the frame. In addition, an external microphone with XY stereo training has been placed that captures the sounds away from the recording noise. A special feature is that it uses LED light to fill in those dark spaces in the image.    

It can be used while your two 2500 mAh NP-FV5 plus lithium batteries are recharged. Similarly, the user could connect the camera to any electronic device if the charger is not present. At the bottom it has a structure that can be attached to a tripod.

6. Ordro AC3WMP: a multi-purpose camera with the best features in the market in 2020

Ordro AC3WMP


  • Exmor RS CMOS sensor
  • Card reader included
  • IPS touch screen
  • Noise reduction technology


  • Does not include Micro SD card
  • Supports Micro SD up to 128 GB

It consists of a camera with Ultra HD 4K resolution that can capture sharp images. The screen has a size of 3.1 inches created on the basis of an IPS ( In-Plane Switching ) technology consisting of an LCD liquid crystal and LED lights. This combination gives the registered materials a better quality to the human eye.

It works with a 13M Sony IMX258 CMOS sensor, so it reaches a resolution of 24M if the image is interpolated. The operation of the sensor includes the Exmor RS technology, whose high sensitivity causes that it captures diaphanously the frames with less luminosity. What the sensor does is attract the low ambient light using it to enhance the contours.

Small, robust and well built camera. Although this camera does not have optical zoom, it does have digital zoom. It is small enough to be portable, but not so small that it is difficult to handle. The controls are simple and easy to understand. It also comes with a nice carrying bag and an external microphone that can be used to improve audio quality. The night shot works very well, it looks like a night vision when in use. I am happy with this purchase. Enjoy!
Additionally, it has night vision through infrared to optimize the shots in complete darkness. It is equipped with an angular lens and has an accessory (72mm macro lens) that extends the action of the glass by extending the shot. The high quality experience is completed with the external microphone that incorporates the ability to reduce NCR (Noise Coefficent Reduction) noise.

It can be linked to the Smartphone with Android and IOS operating system via Wifi or using a USB cable. To connect it to the TV it integrates an HDM port By downloading the LzwViewer application, users can share their photos and videos. The camera comes with a dual charger for its two NP-120 lithium batteries. It has a piece to add a second microphone.

All your configurations can be managed using the remote control. The package comes with a 2-in-1 adapter, a lens cover, a case for the device, a card reader, an HDMI cable and another USB. 

7. 4k camera Xiaomi 16293 – The compact digital camera with the best performance in 2020

4k camera Xiaomi


  • Sony sensor extracts greater brightness
  • Pieces deliver better focus
  • Latest generation Ambarella chip
  • High battery durability


  • Does not include accessories
  • Does not include Micro SD

This small model of video camera 4k of 99 grams, a touch screen of 2.4 inches, and dimensions of 4.3 x 2.9 x 7.1 cm contains all the functions that an adventurer needs to capture unforgettable moments. Video recording is available in 4k with a resolution of 30 frames per second.

This implies that the Xiaomi camera provides a quality equivalent to that of the cinema. In addition to this, the super wide angle of the product reaches 145 degrees with aperture f / 2.8. Such quality allows to take quite wide and good depth photos. 

As a complement it offers a repertoire of several options to configure the image . The time-lapse mode accelerates situations that have a slow evolution normally, for example, the weather, a sunset, among other circumstances. It can be adapted in intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds between shots.

After looking at many comparisons between this and other similar models (such as the gopro hero 5 or gopro hero 2018) I ended up deciding on this. It has a very good recording quality, the colors and sharpness are great, and the sound pretty good and the overall finish of the camera materials is very good and looks robust.

The exposure delay mode slows the time it takes for the camera to take the photo in order to give an extra span of 3, 5, 10 or 15 seconds to accommodate the scene in the selfies. The Ambarella 12S75 chip is part of a new generation of sensors that prevents lens distortion. To this are added the 7 superimposed pieces of the lens that ensure a better focus.

The IES stabilization system optimizes the scene captured in burst form thanks to its gyroscope and accelerometer of 3 axes each. At the same time, the Sony IMX317 sensor manages to print more light on objects. The 1450 mAh lithium-ion battery lasts up to 2 hours recording at 30 fps and 3 hours at 1080p with 60 fps. It can be synchronized with the Smartphone via Wifi and Bluetooth.

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What is 4k and what is it for?

One of the great  booms  of this decade has been the impulse of 4k technology. As it has been possible to reflect for each of the articles, they are arranged as an image quality technology that enhances the resolution up to more than 4000 pixels. Under comparative parameters, it is a huge potential.The most interesting of all this is that they have adapted to high power cameras. This will help you to have the best photos and videos like a professional. You seem to collect the potential of a professional in your camera. Each photo will be better than the previous one.

The potential of this technology passes to the 4k video camera  in such a way that it resizes resolution expectations. Your memories, your trips, your outdoor experiences, family dinners, photos of your pet and everything around you will have a sharper tone.

In short, it fits the gigantic demand for development that characterizes the cyber world. Therefore, this sensational option should be considered.

Primary features to consider for 4k camcorders?

The most interesting thing to achieve the photo capacity of 4 thousand pixels is the speed and reception of photons taken by the lens. This process is done at a scale of 4k /30fps, with a speed of microseconds and absolute sharpness.

They don’t settle for just being highly efficient and with an image quality like no other. Its ergonomics and specificities have taken an additional step to improve the user experience. These are usually relatively large instruments with accessories that make their use difficult. They will include handlebars, comfortable curves to hold the equipment, wide lenses, even a touch screen.

Other features when buying a  4k camcorder are the other options they incorporate. For example, they will have Wifi connection, usually include external microphone for sound clarity, camcorder with underwater capacity, submersible up to 30-40 meters and HDMI connection.

Thats not all. So that there is no margin for error in the photo , the anti shake option makes the photo appear sharp at all times, even if there is movement. Perfect for moving activities.

There will be a lack of some 4k video cameras that include their own accessories for professional use. These include an external microphone, lens protector, bag, handlebar, among other elements.

4k video camera usage contexts

For each possible scenario you could integrate a camera like this. But surely you get an idea of ​​which contexts suit you best. We will give you a suggestion of which ones would suit you.

  • Take pictures of anything : obviously, the most immediate use will be to take the favorite photos of your users. But, it’s not just that, such a thing could be done by your mobile phone. Capturing the perfection of a moment in 4k is something that only this camera could detail.
  • Filming movies and videos : if you are an independent director, a creative artist or you are a reporter who needs a specialized team to work on a day-to-day basis, these cameras are the best for you. Thanks to its image quality, the results will be promising and will serve you for any context that you apply.
  • Photographs for detailed zoom : do you like flowers? Are you passionate about insects? Do you see any fact from a distance? Then this artifact is for you. Most of these cameras have a 30x magnification lens with a professional 2-in-1 angle.
  • Resume function : something that only a 4k video camera will be able to achieve. Achieve the perfection of compressing the video at a specific state of time to enjoy a beautiful passage or an episode of the day will do it with a subtlety and sensational delicacy.

Special features that incorporates the 4k video camera

These would be some of the unique features that a 4k professional video camera has :

  • Touch screen for easier and more natural handling of these devices. You could change the lighting, contrast, place filters, reduce or maximize resolution, zoom, among others.
  • Image quality at the HD 4K level, the most advanced option you’ll find in the market. It is the same that LED TVs currently use.
  • Accessories compartments. It is possible to attach microphones, tripods and any other instrument that enhances the quality of the result.
  • Maximized zoom It would arrive from 15x to 30x without margin of error or reduction of the image quality. The photos and videos will continue to look sharper.
  • Anti vibration, for cases of recording or capturing moving photos. Applies to bodies that want to be photographed like the cameraman himself.
  • Some of these cameras incorporate dash cam mode . It keeps recording in a state of motion. Follow for surveillance or accidents with the car.
  • Inclusion of ISO & WDR & AWB technology, it offers natural colors for dark spaces.

General considerations on the 4k video camera

The first thing that the buyer should be clear about is that it is not a traditional professional camera. It’s one of the most powerful devices in existence, but its use is restricted to the particular photographic practice. However, it’s power is incredibly high and can be extrapolated to different areas of the profession.

This type of 4k camcorder will take photos with amazing precision and quality. His videos and photos surpass the photos that any studio could reach with other more expensive cameras. This aspect is important to consider.

We must be cautious about the volume and size of the photos. With such a large pixel format, such videos and photos are usually too heavy. To avoid this problem, it is possible to reduce the image quality or edit the photos.

The verdict that can be issued on these interesting instruments is the quality of a product like no background. It is extremely interesting how such a small device, with a fairly good price and such level of ergonomics provide such quality . It’s highly recommended for being small, cheap, quality, with optimal results and long durability.

It is worth taking a look at this interesting invention. Among all the accessories that each 4k video camera brings, added to its full potential, they will have the efficiency of being a quality instrument prepared for the most demanding contexts and the most exotic experiences.